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We produce documentaries, shorts, features and TV pilots.  Our focus is on providing opportunities for emerging talent (writers, actors and filmmakers) to create fantastic professional content.

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Go is transforming corporate and commercial video making.  Our large team of highly trained filmmakers can fill your social feed with engaging, relevant content for incredible value.


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Screenology delivers an incredibly exciting and effective  training and education programme for undergraduates.  A full BA Hons degree with a total focus on making, making, making and professionalism.

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The Screenology Actors Programme is an opportunity for emerging professional actors and keen amateur actors to get training and experience making real films.

See more. is a new initiative in partnership with DIRECTORS UK to promote relationships between filmmakers through real world events.  We had our first on 30th June 2018.


We are partnering with Cahootify to offer a community platform to help filmmakers collaborate and get their projects made.

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Screenology are launching a campaign to rid the film industry of its outmoded nonsense.  

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Casting day

We work with hundreds of emerging actors in our commercial, community and student projects.  Come along to a casting day to experience some camera time and get involved in our forthcoming projects.

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Writers' bootcamp

Are you a writer looking to get into film writing?  We offer a week-long FREE training and workshop to help you develop a screenplay.  Some of these scripts go on to be produced by Screenology Studio.

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Workshop: using video in your Organisation

Join us for a relaxed and informal exploration of how you can best use video in your business or organisation.



Are you the organised one?  Are you good at making things happen?  Would you like to get even better?  The producers bootcamp is aimed at 17-25 year olds that want to become filmmaking leaders.  






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