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At Screenology we 'do' first and then learn

At Screenology you'll often find yourself doing something before you've learned about it in a workshop or class. This is at the very heart of our training methodology. By getting out there and 'having a go' you start to see what gaps there are in your knowledge, you have a go at figuring out your own solutions and you realise what you're capable of already. Let's explore these three things in more detail.

Gaps in Knowledge

When you're out on a shoot, even without training, you often know what you want to achieve. By trying first, you get to know fairly quickly what it is you don't know, so when you're next watching a training video, coming to a workshop, speaking with an expert or researching online you know exactly what information you want. As such, you are much more likely to retain the learning.

Figuring out your own solutions

Filmmaking is a problem solving, innovating practice. All of the techniques shared around today were once an individual's (or group's) solution to a problem they were having on set or in the filmmaking process. Dollies didn't come from heaven, how to use a boom pole isn't in the old testament, blocking a scene doesn't have its instructions in DNA... no, all of these things (and everything else in filmmaking) was invented by somebody in the last 100 or so years. And there are many more solutions to be invented... we want our Screenologists to be these very inventors. By 'having a go' first, you are much more likely to come up with novel and interesting ways to make your films more powerful.

Realising your abilities

When we get caught up in knowing the 'right way' of doing something, we tend to lose confidence in our own abilities. When we launch into something and just try, we can often surprise ourselves with what we're already able to do.  Just like the early pioneers of film! They were free of any rule books, best practices or other stifling notions... they just got out there and made films.  This... is the Screenology way.